Original Songs

Song: Amity

Written By: Tanner Fussell

   This song is called “Amity” which means a special friendship. I wrote this when I was moving away from home and leaving behind family and friends. Which can be a difficult and lonely thing to do, but when a path is presented to you it’s often better to take that leap of faith rather than remain complacent where you are. 

Song: Use Me

Written By: Tanner Fussell

Performed with the group Half-Seas Over in Atlanta at Smiths Olde Bar in 2018 

The idea behind this song is simply "Use Me" Baby.

Song: Holdin' Her and Lovin' You

Written By: Tanner Fussell

Cover Songs

Song: The Weight

Written By: The Band

Performed by " The Fuss" at Chillers in Loveland Colorado 2019

Song: Feathered Indians

Written By: Tyler Childers